Magnolia Two Blossom Chandelier
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Magnolia Two Blossom Chandelier

Jezebel will create a detailed schematic for you along with a firm price bid.
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Design deposit: $300
Select one of the available styles listed above. If none of them suit you, select "style custom". In either case, Jezebel will custom design a unique chandelier for you with your measurements. Your measurements are filled in at check out.

Jezebel gives you a detailed drawing along with a price. Drawings can be edited up to 5 times at no extra charge. Shipping charges will apply to the final chandelier purchase. The design deposit is not refundable, but is deducted from the chandelier purchase price.

The Magnolia Two Blossom Chandelier is a stunning example of nature translated into modern design. The long sweeping branches are perfect for a Great room or high entryway. Pictured with a Brown-with-Highlights finish.

The Magnolia Two Blossom Chandelier is part of the Jezebel® Signature line. The shades in this line of lighting are made of premium hand rolled and hand colored glass that has been shaped using a process patented to Jezebel®. The base is crafted of hand-forged iron. This can be ordered in a variety of glass colors and your choice of finish. The Magnolia Two Blossom Chandelier comes with bulbs and a porcelain socket. Jezebel® signs and dates each heirloom piece. This fixture can be custom ordered with Oak, Ginkgo, Aspen, Grapevine, Maple, or Magnolia leaves.

Go Green: you may use incandescent, flourescent or LED bulbs with all Jezebel Lighting.

Measurements vary based on style.

Measurements vary based on style.

1 x (60 watt bulb), 1 x (150 watt bulb) not included