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Contact gallery for pricing and custom order options.
Call us at 1-866-JEZEBEL(539-3235) or e-mail us at
Please contact the gallery for all information about this stained glass piece.

Custom versions available for approximately $3000. Your price will vary based on size and complexity.

How to custom order a stained glass window from Jezebel:
  1. Order a sketch plus estimate for $300 (deducted from the end price).
  2. Choose your color palette and finalize changes to your sketch.
  3. Make a half down payment to commence artwork.
  4. 90 to 120 days later your custom artwork will be complete.
    Final payment will be due and shipping quotes are attained for you.
  5. Windows are usually installed on the inside of your existing window pane and secured with wood trim.
    They can be ordered to hang from hooks on the corners instead.
    They can also be sealed inside a double-pane window.