Jezebel® Signature Flame Replacement Glass, Large
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Jezebel® Signature Flame Replacement Glass, Large


Jezebel Signature� Replacement Shades are made in the USA of handcrafted glass using a process patented to Jezebel�. The remarkable three-dimensional effect can be ordered in a variety of glass colors. Naturally occurring air bubbles, inclusions, textures and slight color variations demonstrate that your Jezebel Signature� Replacement Shade is an original work of art. Your Jezebel Signature� Replacement Shade comes with our 2-year limited warranty. If your glass shade arrives defective in any way, please contact us.

Jezebel® Signature glass has an unsurpassed complex mixture of colors. Signature glasses have a rich waxy feel and stone-like texture and appearance. The Signature glasses are more luminous, richer in color and eliminate unsightly light bulb hot spots. Jezebel® holds the patent on her technique. And, because the color is inside the glass and not painted on the surface, there is a remarkable 3-dimensional effect while light is diffused throughout the glass. The complex mixture of colors is difficult to attain in glass. Jezebel® Signature glass surpasses any other for lighting, even that which Louis C. Tiffany made and became famous for from 1878-1938.

The approximate shade size is 10"H x 11"W x 11"D.