Magnolia Seven Blossom Chandleier
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Magnolia Seven Blossom Chandleier

The Magnolia Seven Blossom Chandelier is a stunning example of nature translated into modern design. The long sweeping branches are perfect for a Great room or high entryway.
Pictured with Black-eyed Susan Glass and Brown-with-Brown-Highlights metal finish.

The Magnolia Seven Blossom Chandelier is part of the Jezebel® Signature line. The shades in this line of lighting are made of premium hand rolled and hand colored glass that has been shaped using a process patented to Jezebel®. The base is crafted of hand-forged iron. This can be ordered in a variety of glass colors and your choice of finish. The Magnolia Seven Blossom Chandelier comes with bulbs and a porcelain socket. Jezebel® signs and dates each heirloom piece.

This fixture can be custom ordered with Oak, Ginkgo, Maple, or Magnolia leaves.

Measurements as shown: 60"H x 60"W x 50"D. Price as shown: $34,200.

5 x (100 watt bulb), 2 x (150 watt bulb) not included.