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Denise Williams - Artist Statement

Regardless of the art form chosen to deliver any message, the truth of life within all things living cannot be said, only felt. The things we must find in all loses its essence when given form in thought -- lost to another creation in our own minds as the thought lingers therein.

Such is the case and why I choose the expression of feelings through visual art for it is rarely I deliver or receive a word without a multitude of meanings. Regardless I find I paint no differently from how I deliver words or receive them.

My Work, as Jean Dubuffet stated, is about things seemingly unessential.

Truth. Love. Compassion. Innocence. Life giving life. Parables. Acceptance. No resistance. Forgiveness. Understanding. Consciousness. Mind and its interruptions. Meditations. Purity. Things we uncommonly find in ourselves and others even though it exists in abundance.

Through these meditations, the metaphysical landscapes beseech the viewer to not only look and listen to the great earth and remember that we each individually alone are responsible for her wellbeing as a collective whole, but to look into the landscape of our own minds and see what we create."If we create no pollution within, we create no pollution without", as Ekhart Tolle expressed in reference to the destruction our species seems to thrive on in what we call life while continuing to state that "No other species has created such vast wastelands as humans", yet we pride ourselves as being above all others simply because we can make things.

What is it that we choose to make? If we remember that in showing respect for our great earth, we not only save her, but ourselves as well and each other and all other living things on this great planet.

The Landscapes ask that we make both conscious decisions for our earth by beginning to do so within our minds. When we do that, we will begin to care for each other in a way we have forgotten how to do. This is ever more important as the human species breeds beyond its environments ability to sustain them crowding out all others and upsetting the ecological balance of the earth.

Due to our great numbers as a species, the series asks that we think both within and without for we have become responsible for all living things.

A Thought. As all great civilizations have fallen approximately every two thousand years returning them to a primitive state of being: Having such responsibility for the delicate balance of the earth, does that make us futuristically what we refer to as the mythological gods of ancient civilizations? Creating destruction when we have so much to care for and could create nothing but beauty? For the first time ever, we as humans have the ability to destroy the earth. Yet we fool ourselves with the comfort of believing that it will happen in one great explosion not realizing we kill the earth every day with each unconscious act, bite by bite.

Many other countries know how much closer we are to destruction as their land lays in waste from human consumption, but we do not visit there as it is too dangerous and so we do not think about it as it is not a part of our reality. Those spots of desolation grow larger with each passing day. One day, there may only be a small spot of living land. Will it be called the next Eden?

We have to think and act now for if the Earth survives, will we be the mythological gods of the future generations if life is spared? If we should become those mythological gods, will we be the gods who spared, or destroyed Eden? And how big will Eden be?

Considering all, I don’t wish to be a mythological god. I wouldn’t want to be remembered in the way we currently will be if we do not begin to think about what we do.

Currently showing in Asia and throughout the U.S.