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Ellie Senoff - Artist Statement

Ellie Senoff has been a resident of Lawrenceburg, Indiana for eight years. She started drawing and painting at the age of six and has never stopped.

Ellie attended the University of Cincinatti as a Fine Arts Major, later switching to Fashion Design. She has always had a very strong interest in costume design and has found a way to utilize and translate her interests in a unique art form by painting characters on recycled bowling pins. Each pin has a unique personality and a historically based costume format.

Ellie has been creating her bowling pin art since 1996, starting as a partner in a company formally known as "Pin Pals." These pieces are collectables and grace the homes of many art collectors. Each pin is hand drawn and painted in great detail and signed by the artist. Even though she has painted hundreds of these works, no two pins are alike.

"Pin Art" makes wonderful gifts for that special someone in your life. You can purchase a completed pin or have one
custom designed to suit your specific interests.

Ellie hopes that this fine art form speaks to you as it does to her.