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Alfredo Vasquez: Artist Statement

It may come as a surprise to some of you that the idea for the unity design collection came to me while I was in prison. It was during this low point in my life that when I had a realization. I discovered that there is force in our lives that can lift us above despair and negativity, a power within us all that can propel a person forward when we feel as if we cannot go on. There is a treasure more fulfilling and precious than all the wealth in the world. This force, this power, this treasure, it is love.

I created the initialunity designs for my own loved ones as a show of appreciation to themanner inwhich they have woven themselves into the very fabric of my life. It was their reaction to these first symbols which led me to create the entire Unity Design Collection. As I recall, my leading thought in the design process was, “Everyone has a sign and everyone has someone they love…”

The Unity Design Collection is about “Romance, Friendship, and Family.” It’s about communicating who you are and still being able to value those who hold a special place in your heart. My greatest hope for these Unity Symbols is that they are accepted by you as a unique, stylish and special way to communicate the fashion in which destiny has joined you and your loved ones together, creating the greatest gift ever given or received, the gift of love.